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Look friends, if i have to tag this Innovation links,
I will simply tag it Superlink.
What ?
I will tag it Megalink.
That is not a bad concept anyway.
It is worthy of awards.
Wow, guys did you see those
Digital Banking Apps ?
Simply Awesome !

Mr. Press, where are you heading with all this 
pile up of documents, 
To the "Economic Press Conference" 
But, you won’t need this pile up of documents there. 
Why ? 
Because, everything is available on the Cloud Computing. What do you mean? 
Meaning you can access almost all of 
those information online, 
on the go. 
Maybe, you only have those that may require
that you sign, not your digital signature. 
I have heard about it, but i still want to confirm. 
You know, like doubting Thomas….
Ok then, you can visit
Friend, let's visit Fodcom Music Box,
I will like to get some entertainment.
No, let's visit the Innovations Marketplace first,
Then after, we can get entertained.
Well, that is not a bad idea.
Did you hear about the Digital Banking Apps.
Digital Banking Apps ?
Wow ! that is wonderful, I
I must access it right away.
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